The slow disappearance of the fashion high streets

I was scrolling through some posts about fashion, and I found this one post about the death of the high street of fashion. And that got me thinking how most people prefer purchasing their clothes, bags, shoes,etc… online.

In my opinion nothing compares to entering a beautiful shop or boutique and looking around until you find something you like so much you have to buy it. I think one of my best experiences is when I earned some money on own and decided to go buy something. It may not be luxury, but I will always remember that feeling of entering the shop and search for something that catches my eye. And I found that one thing.

When I exited the shop with my purchase, I felt so ecstatic. I doubt that online shopping gives you that same feeling. Of course I also do online shopping, but I’m always anxious after I order something: “will the shoes fit me?” Or “what if it doesn’t look like the picture?” And so much more questions are passing through my head that I just can’t enjoy the actual shopping.

What do you think? Do you prefer online or boutique shopping?


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