Fashion: a misconception

   Fashion is something that has been around since the beginning of everything. There have been different trends and styles and rules throughout history. I decided to write this because I feel there are so many misconceptions about fashion and what it actually means.

  When I used to tell people I really liked clothes and fashion, some of them would tell me that it’s superficial, that liking clothes means you are materialistic and that I just like spending my money on useless things. And this is used to confuse me, because to me, watching people on the street, analysing what they were wearing, how they were wearing it, it gave me an idea of who they are as a person. You can tell so much from the way someone dresses. Fashion and style are a way of expressing yourself. 

  Of course there are people that say they love fashion and what they actually mean is they love having expensive brand items so that they can flaunt it. But that doesn’t actually mean you are interested in fashion. Every piece of clothing has a story behind it, it has history. Whether it’s from a luxury brand, from your local boutique or from a thrift store. They all have a story, they were all inspired by something or someone from the past or from the future. 

  Unfortunately, many big brands started making clothes because they sell. I think that’s really sad, because yes, maybe some of the pieces I want to buy are really expensive, but I want them because I know there was thought put into creating it, there were hours of researching and working just to make that one piece of clothing.

  People don’t understand how important clothing is for example in movies. We just see the characters and the action of the movie, but the costume designer put so much work into styling that character. The outfits have to be historically correct, they have to match the character’s personality but still stick to the theme of the movie. Unfortunately, there are some costume designers that don’t put in that much effort, but in every good movie that we all love, I guarantee you, if the costumes were not well chosen, the movie wouldn’t have been as good or as successful.

  I love learning about the stories behind certain fashion shows, pieces, designers, why they are using a certain fabric, etc. And I think there need to be more sources that allow you to reach this information. I know I already talked about magazines, but I think they really influence the way society views the fashion industry. I think that instead of writing about the new upcoming trends they should talk about the process of creating a collection, about the backstory of that collection, what every piece represents, why the designer chose this theme and not something else. This way people would understand why some pieces are so expensive and why people like me love fashion. Because it’s an art but also a story. 

  That is why I started this blog, I am trying to post articles about the story behind collections, designers’ backstories, thoughts about the fashion industry, other places where you can gather information. I write these articles because I know I would love to be able to find this kind of information on the internet. I do it because I hope I can help people with the same interests as me. 

  Moral of the story is: Fashion isn’t this superficial thing everyone makes it put to be. It’s something way deeper with a lot of meaning.

  I hope this helps and motivates you to do your research on the things you love. You might be surprised at what you find. Have a great day,

XOXO, Delayla

Restyling Fate: The Winx Saga

   Hi guys, today I am going to restyle the Netflix show fate: The Winx Saga, because they did a horrible job at it. I saw a bunch of youtubers doing it and since I love Winx and I grew up watching them I decided it’s only fair I try and style them the way I think Netflix should’ve. I created an aesthetic mood board, a normal day outfit and a transformation outfit for each of them. With all that being said, let’s start. 

   1. We are going to start with Stella, because she’s my favorite.

   This is what I imagine Stella’s aesthetic would be, something between Royal and Princess core with everything golden. In my collage matches her perfectly since she is indeed a princess and all that. 

  For her everyday look I tried to replicate her outfit from the animated show. She loves mixing colors and yellow is definitely her color, So I put her in this green Prada skirt with this beautiful yellow Vivienne Westwood corset. For the accessories I paired the outfit with a yellow Jacquemus bag and L’Autre Chose platform sandals. For the transformation outfit I chose this beautiful Jacquemus dress with a chain accessory, a pair of Gianvito Rossi sandals and tulle gloves. 

   2. Next we are going to talk about Musa.

    Ok, so I feel like Musa gives off Bad B**** vibes and red is most definitely her color. I love this mood board, I feel like it describes her perfectly.

   For the everyday outfit I paired these beautiful pants with an Ottolinger shirt and this vintage Givenchy corset. For the accessories I put her in these really cool platform boots and a white Wandler bag. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the pants or the boots are from, but I just thought they fit her style really well. For the transformation outfit I chose this really pretty Tom Ford red dress, with a pair of red Miu Miu platform Mary Janes and Black lace Gucci gloves. 

  3. Now, let’s talk about Flora:

   Flora gives me massive Cottage Core vibes and these pictures really fit her personality: calm, friendly and nature-y.

  I think Flora’s colors are definitely pink and green. So, with that being said I put her in a Lollita Lempicka pink satin slip dress, with a bright grass-type green faux-fur coat, a lime green Bottega Venetta clutch bag and brown Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels. For the transformation outfit I chose this also lime green Valentino dress with a pair of baby pink Prada platform sandals and a pair of white lace gloves.

  4.   Next, we are doing Layla/Aisha, I don’t know which one it is. 

  Layla is really sporty and I think a bit grunge, so I think this is what her aesthetic would look like. A combination between grunge and skater girl.

       I feel like Layla/Aisha’s style would be a combination between street style and skater girl, so that’s what I chose for her. I am in love with her outfit, by the way. So, I chose this stunning pair of Jacquemus pants with a brown Rosie Assoulin shirt and paired it with a small Gucci camera bag and brown L’Autre Chose platform heels. For her transformation outfit I chose this beautiful John Galliano for Dior white satin dress, with white Alexander Vaulthier platform sandals and Marine Serre gloves.

  5.  I am going to do Tecna next, and I have to say I am really pissed that they didn’t even put her in the show…

  Tecna is definitely the futuristic type, with all of her technology and everything and the color purple is perfect for her.

  This was one of my favorite looks to make and I think it looks really cool:) So, I chose these white Off-White cargo pants with a cute little turtleneck crop top, I don’t know where it’s from, tho, and this stunning purple Christian Siriano coat that just screams Tecna. For the transformation outfit I chose this futuristic looking black John Richmond dress and I paired it with black L’Autre Chose platform heels and graphic tulle gloves.

   6. Lastly, I am going to do Bloom and yes, I left her last because I don’t really like her.

   I think Bloom is kinda basic and gives me huge y2k vibes. Also, in the show she basically only wears blue, so that’s exactly what I did. 

   As I was saying, I think Bloom’s style is quite basic and she just wears a lot of blue. So for her everyday outfit I chose a basic fluffy blue crop top and a pair of Jonathan Simkhai embellished light wash jeans. I paired a pair of coral Si Rossi platform heels and a coral Givenchy bag to add some color. For the transformation outfit I paired this stunning John Galliano for Dior blue dress with a pair of blue platform mules also from Si Rossi and Maison Margiela white gloves.

    Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. Let me know what other show I should try restyling in the comments down below. And if you like the animated show and haven’t watched the new one, don’t bother. It’s nothing like what it used to be. Hope you have a great day,

                                                                                                         XOXO, Delayla 

L’amour by Jacquemus

  Hi guys, today we are going to talk about Simone Jacquemus’ ready-to-wear s/s 2021 collection, called L’amour. I am obsessed with everything Jacquemus comes out with and I love that every show and collection has a story and a meaning behind it. This collection started taking shape during lockdown and the inspiration for it was common things around our homes. 

  The name of the collection, L’amour, expresses Simone’s love toward his team and family. The show took place outside in a wheatfield with very few guests. The designer said he wanted to make the show feel personal and also tried to keep the safety distance between the guests. 

  Jacquemus also wanted to address the 2020 conversation in the fashion community, about inclusivity, authenticity and diversity. He also decided to only present 2 collections per year, these collections being presented on an actual runway, since Simone doesn’t think the beauty of a fashion show can be captured by a camera. 

  Now, let’s talk about some of the looks from this stunning show:

  I love this look, the way Jacquemus turned something so common and basic like a pillow into this stunning two piece. It blows my mind how this man comes up with these ideas.

  The asymmetry of the blazer and the way the colors mix is a match made in heaven. Also, the materials Simone uses in this collection have this delicate and simple yet sophisticated feel that I adore. Let’s not forget about the plate bag that, even though it might not be practical on a day to day basis, it just fits the theme and the vibe of the show perfectly.

  I am living for these high waisted pants and the way they tie around the waist just under the shirt that matches the pants perfectly in a way I would have never thought of. Also, the Chiquito earrings are my favorite accessory from this collection along with the door knob bracelet.

  These are just a few of my personal favorite looks from the show, which I highly recommend you look at. You can find it on Vogue Runway along with comments and everything. Hope you enjoyed. let me know if you want me to talk about a certain collection in the comments below. Have a great day,

                                                                                           XOXO, Delayla

Harris Reed’s new demi-couture collection

  Most people now think of Harris Reed as the person who dressed Harry Styles in a dress. But recently he came out with a beautiful demi-couture collection. The collection consists of 7 looks that break all misconceptions about how men can and should dress. 

  I love the fact that Reed stayed true to himself and used all the hate people threw at  him to create these looks. Reed told Vogue: “Having people maybe have an issue with the way that I express myself, you know, it constantly fuels my creative think tank”.

And, of course I love the outfits. The ombre tulle is stunning and the way he paired the tulle with a two piece suit is genius. Also, the headpieces are out of this world. I have to say I am really impressed with this collection. He did everything right. The photographs are on point, the styling as well and the actual clothes are awesome. If you didn’t see the looks yet I will put them below so you can see what I am talking about. Let me know what you think about this collection.

   Have a great day, XOXO,Delayla

Bliss Foster interview

 Hi guys, I have another interview for you. Today I talked to Bliss Foster, a great fashion youtuber. I watch his videos daily, and that is where I get most of my information about the fashion industry and fashion in general. If you have never watched one of his videos, You have to check him out. Here are the links to his instagram and youtube:

1. How did you know fashion was what you wanted to do?

Since about 2013, fashion has been a massive interest for me. Figuring out that I wanted to do the channel was a huge relief because it gave me an outlet to use my obsession in a productive way.

2. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Lack of money.

3. What inspired  you to create your YouTube channel?

I’ve been obsessed with clothes since 2012 and I needed an outlet to do something productive with that obsession. The channel gave me that outlet.

4. Who is your favorite designer of all time?

I always say that my favorite designer is a 43-way tie. But if I had to pick someone it would probably be Martin Margiela

5. Who is one designer you think will blow up this year?

I put out a video where I discussed the designers I want to see make it in 2021, the list includes Blackmerle, Doublet, Mowalola, Strongthe, (the return of) HbA, Lourdes, Peter Do, Robert Wun, Jordan Arthur Smith, Ottolinger, Charlotte Knowles, Botter, and Kanghyuk.

6. Where do you see the fashion industry in 10 years?

Haha, I’m no good at making predictions.

7. What would you say is your signature piece, clothing or accessory wise?

I try not to have one. If i can, I want to just keep exploring and developing my personal style

8. What would you say to someone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

Read the book “The War of Art” by Stephan Pressfield. It’ll kick your ass and make you better at whatever you do.

9. Could you recommend a few fashion books for beginners?

“Gods and Kings” and “Ametura” if you’re into Japanese designers. Those two are my favorites.

10. How do  you think fashion influences society?

I think fashion is part of society

11. What is your favorite trend of 2020?

Haha, I hate to be difficult on this one, but I can’t stand trends. I purposefully ignore them when I can.

  Hope you enjoyed, this was really fun to make. Let me know who your favorite fashion youtuber is in the comment section. Have a great day,

                                                                                                                                    XOXO, Delayla

Ayo Ojo interview

  Hi guys, I am really excited to announce that today I am sharing this Q&A with Ayo Ojo, who is a wonderful youtuber that I watch constantly. He has a lot of really interesting and informative videos on his channel that you have to watch if you love fashion or want to enter the fashion world. I know his videos have helped me a lot. His youtube channel is The Fashion Archive: and I will also link his instagram: . Let’s start:

Q:How did you know fashion was what you wanted to do?

A:After my first fashion internship I started to get obsessive about fashion. All I would do in my free time was read fashion magazines and books. At this point I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fashion.

Q:How would you describe your style in 3 words?

A:Experimental, Muted, Minimal

Q:What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

A:I have been an avid watcher of fashion youtube for a longtime and as I started to read more fashion magazines and books I realised there wasn’t anyone talking about what I was reading about so I thought there was a gap to fill in the fashion youtube sphere.

Q:Who is your favourite designer of all time?

A:I definitely can’t choose one because there are so many designers I love but if I was asked for my favourites I would say Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander McQueen, Elsa Schiaparelli, Ann Lowe & Yohji Yamamoto.

Q:Who is one designer you think will blow up this year?

A:Thebe Magugu from South Africa

Q:Where do you see the fashion industry in 10 years?

A:Definitely a greater shift towards digitalising commerce and events. We will also see a shift to an in-store shopping experience being a form of luxury.

Q:What would you say is your signature piece, clothing or accessory wise?

A:A dad hat. It’s almost become a meme at this point.

Q:What would you say to someone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

A:It really depends because there are so many aspects to the fashion industry. You can be a writer, designer, accountant, photographer, videographer, make-up artist, hair stylist etc. Therefore, I can only give advice to a person that wants to become a writer / journalist. Right now, there are more journalists than there are jobs so you need to set yourself apart to give yourself a competitive edge. This can be done by building a platform where you can constantly learn more about fashion and write things consistently whether that’s a Youtube channel, Instagram page, website etc. From what I’ve noticed, a lot of aspiring journalists expect jobs to fall on their lap because they think they’re amazing writers and while that may be true, if there is nowhere one can find your work you won’t get jobs. The only people that can be lazy in the fashion industry are people born into money or born into a family where their parents have many connections within the fashion industry. If you are a complete outsider like me who started with no connections, you need to fight and hustle for your

spot. If you can’t do that I really doubt the fashion industry is for you as the nature of the industry is very cut-throat.

Q:Could you recommend a few fashion books for beginners?

A:Once again, it’s hard to answer this directly because it depends what one is interested in learning about. A beginner who wants to be a designer should probably start by reading books about the basics of sewing, pattern making and marketing. On the flipside, an aspiring journalist should start by reading books on the history of fashion. However, in a general sense some good books if you’re just getting started are “The Work of Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction” by Walter Benjamin and “The Fashion System” by Roland Barthes.

Q:How do you think fashion influences society?

A:Ultimately, everyone wears clothes which means that clothing is a powerful tool in influencing society. This is such a broad question that I could write about for days but in the most dumbed down way, what you wear says a lot about who you are. You can change the way people perceive you just by the way you dress. In a historical sense, what clothing you wore to give certain signals constantly changed. Once upon a time the height of masculinity was wearing a bronze skirt, now it’s a well-structured and tailored suit. Whole subcultures and movements come hand in hand with the way they dress.

Q:What is your favourite trend of 2020?

A:To be very honest I don’t even know what the trends of 2020 were because I don’t really follow trends or concern myself with what’s trending per say. What I did see everywhere though were chunky boots which I would guess was influenced by the Bottega Veneta boots. It’s been good to see men more willing to step out of their comfort zone and wear boots with higher platforms and soles.

  I hope you enjoyed it. I know I loved this interview and I am a huge fan of Ayo so I was fangirling a little bit while writing the questions and when I got the answers. Have a great day, and let me know what you would like me to do next:)

                                                                                                                         XOXO, Delayla

how to stay informed on the fashion world

Hi guys. Today I am hoping I can help you find a way to always know what is happening in the fashion world. I know I was struggling before, because I wanted to be up to date with all the fashion news and gossip and I didn’t know how. So I started researching and I am going to share what I found with you. Let’s go:

  1. First, this one is pretty easy, you can check some fashion websites like Fashionista, i-D, Vogue, Vogue Runway and Or you could watch Vogue, i-D, BOF and The FF channel on youtube.

  2. Now, this one isn’t really about fashion news, but I think it’s fun and it kind of helps if you want to discover new things. Go on Pinterest and search runway shows or anything you are interested in and start pinning them into a board. After you added them to your board, look if you know who designed that one dress, or who painted that painting and so on. If you find out, you can search him/her up and maybe find more things you like. Keep saving every picture you see, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Google, it doesn’t matter, save them on Pinterest and then you can also categorize them. Later on, if you want to go on to study fashion design you can use these photos as part of your mood boards.

  3. This one really helped me. On Instagram, create a new account, name it whatever you want, but you don’t have to post anything on it. Then, follow all the fashion magazines out there, stylists, designeres, models, editors, brands, etc. This way, when you go on this account you will only get fashion information without it being interrupted by your friend vacation posts or whatever.

  4. Last but not least, podcasts. There are a lot of great podcasts on Spotify. I will make a different post only talking about them, since there is a lot to talk about.  

 Hope this is helpful, I use these every day and they’ve helped me a bunch. Have a great day,


Brands you should know about

  Lately, I noticed I hear people talking about the same brands over and over again, so I decided to go on a ‘quest’ to find new brands that match my style, aren’t so well known and are more or less sustainable. 

  I made a long list of these brands, some of them are pretty cheap, but there are also some almost luxury brands. I chose these brands firstly because I loved their pieces, they look like pieces of art that you can wear.

   I will link their Instagram next to their name and you can find their websites in the bio of their accounts. Let’s get started:

1. Paloma wool. Paloma wool is a sustainable and size inclusive brand with some beautiful pieces, at accessible prices in my opinion, considering they are made to be long lasting.

  2. House of Sunny. House of Sunny is a British brand focused on sustainability. All of their pieces are vegan and they only create 2 collections per year, this way reducing  the waste and reducing the carbon footprint. They have stunning garments, my personal favorites are their pants and cardigans.

  3. Dion Lee. Dion Lee might be my favorite brand that I will be talking about today. His clothing is like wearable pieces of art. The first time I saw her work I fell in love. Something I also really love is that a lot of her pieces are unisex, which means anyone can wear them and look stunning.

  4. Kim Shui. Kim Shui is another wonderful brand, I don’t have a lot of information about the brand itself but I can tell you the clothes are so beautiful. It is a little bit on the expensive side like Dion Lee, but it’s definitely worth it. Also, Kim Shui was nominated in the Forbes 30 under 30.

  5. Miaou. Miaou became famous after the CEO, Alexia Eklaim, designed the perfect fitting vintage jeans. Her collections all have this 90’s feeling to them, and as a 90’s style lover I have to say I am in love.

  Hope this was helpful, I know I loved finding all of these brands and sharing them with you. I have a whole list full of these kinds of brands so if you would like me to make this into a series let me know in the comment section. Have a great day,

                                                                                    XOXO, Delayla

Best red carpet looks ever

Hey guys, today I thought I would show you some of what I consider are the best red carpet looks ever. These are only a few, and this is my personal opinion. Ok, now that that’s settled, let’s start:

  1. First we have Sandra Oh at the 2020 Oscars. She is wearing a beautiful Elie Saab gown. If I could, I would buy this dress in every single color and I would wear it everywhere. It’s stunning. Look at all the details… And it also fits her really well. I love this.

  2. Next up, Kate Hudson at the Oscars in 2003. I have to say that the Atelier Versace dress she is wearing is giving me life. It’s simple, but there is something about it that draws you to it. Again, it fits her really nicely. The only thing I would change would be the hair. But at as a whole, it’s stunning.

<img src="; alt="<p>Kate Hudson in Versace

  3. Cate Blanchett also at the Oscars, but in 2011. She is wearing this divine gown which in the beginning was giving me Dior vibes. Turns out it’s actually Givenchy Haute Couture and I have to say I am impressed and absolutely in love with it. I love the crystal design on the top and the way it kind of continues on the bottom. Just beautiful.

<img src="; alt="<p>Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture 

  4. This is an iconic look, slayed by Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2012. This Atelier Versace gown is stunning and it fits her perfectly. The way the fabric is draped makes it so flattering on Angelina. I have nothing else to say about this, it’s just perfect.

<img src="; alt="<p>Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

  5. Another iconic and risky look, is Rihanna’s 2011 Grammy dress. Now when I say risky, I mean it in a good way. This Jean Paul Gaultier gown looks divine on her, and I love the fact that Rihanna loves taking risks like this. And, might I add, she always pulls these risky looks off. 

  6. Just like Rihanna, Lady Gaga is known for her weird, risky looks. This Armani Prive dress, worn at the Grammys in 2010 is one of her best looks, in my opinion. It has the exact level of craziness and I think it looks so good. The shoes are my favorite part. They are so unique and interesting and they work perfectly with the dress. And don’t get me started on the hair. It brings a pop of color to the whole look. I absolutely love this look.

  7. Zendaya is a red carpet queen, she slays every single red carpet she goes to. I will make a blog post about her. This Vera Wang dress is stunning and it fits her beautifully. The hair, the dress, the jewelry and the shoes, everything creates a stunning look for this Emmys 2019 red carpet. 

  8. This Giambattista Valli yellow gown worn by J Lo at the Golden Globes in 2016 is beautiful. I love the sleeves and the slit, they make the look more interesting and sophisticated. And I love the color, it fits her perfectly.

  9. And last but not least, Mr Harry Styles, who couldn’t miss on this list. First of all he is an icon and he is literally making history. Harry Styles is known for breaking gender norms. This Gucci look he wore at the Met Gala in 2019 started a lot of controversial talk, but I think he looks stunning and that sheer and lace part looks so sophisticated and it fits him so well.

   Hope you enjoyed. Share some red carpet looks you loved and let me know what else you would like me to write about. Have a great day,

                                                                             XOXO, Delayla

Shoe styles everyone needs

 Hi guys, most people that know me personally know that I have an obsession with shoes. I have a LOT of shoes. But today I am just going to talk about a few shoe styles everyone should have. If you have all of these you are ready for every event possible. So, let’s go:

  1. White sneakers. This is a must have, but most people already own a pair of white sneakers. They’re basic.

 2. A pair of high tops. Whether they are Converse, Nike, Adidas,Reebok,etc. It doesn’t matter, but a pair of high tops wor5ks with pretty much anything.

 3. A pair of high heeled strappy sandals. First, let me give you some advice. I am telling you this from personal experience. Don’t buy all your heels the same color. I have 4 pairs of heels, all of them black. Don’t do that. If you have more than one pair of heels, buy them in different colors. Also, choose a style of heel you feel comfortable in. Of course, there will always be that one pair of heels that is stunning but you only wear them when you know you will be sitting down.

 4. A pair of high heeled boots. These, in my opinion, should be really comfortable, so you can wear them when you have errands to run, places to go or just walking through the city. 

 5. A pair of combat boots. I absolutely love combat boots. They look so stylish with everything, whether it’s dresses, jeans, skirts, sweatpants. I wear them with literally everything.

 6. A pair of statement shoes. Whether it’s sneakers, a pair of heels, a pair of boots, it’s good to have a pair of statement shoes for special events. 

   Hope this is hopeful and let me know if you think I left something out. Have a great day,

                                                                                              XOXO, Delayla