brands you should know about part 2

   Hi guys, I did a post like this a while back and decided it’s time to add some more to that list. Now, these brands are on the more expensive side, but their collections are stunning. So let’s go:

   1. First we have David Koma, which I love mostly for the silhouettes he creates. The way he drapes the fabric looks so feminine and sexy. He is a London-based designer that decided to start his own brand right after he finished college.

  2. Next, we have Thierry Mugler, whom I also love for the way he creates silhouettes. His clothes are so beautiful. He is mostly known for his perfume ‘alien’, but if you should definitely check out his fashion too.

  3. Peter Do. Not only does he have beautiful designs, but he is very environment conscious and tries to make his work as sustainable as possible. He even created a special fabric to reduce waste.

  4. Marine Serre is most known for her half moon design and her ball bag. But her designs are so much more interesting than those. She is a sustainable designer and her collections always follow a theme. These collections are beautiful and have a story behind. I highly recommend checking her out. Here are some of her designs from her 2019 f/w collection:

  Hope this is helpful and that you enjoyed, let me know if you think there is some other brand I should talk about. Have a great day,

                                                                                    XOXO, Delayla

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