The downfall of Vogue

  Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about a topic that might be controversial, but I believe it has to be put out there. We are going to talk about Vogue and why I believe the printed version of it is not a good magazine whatsoever.

  First of all, I have nothing against Vogue, I just believe it has become way too commercial and I don’t think you get any important information out of it if you’re really into fashion. If you love editorials and would like to be a stylist or photographer, yes, Vogue might help you. But if you want to learn about fashion, like new designers or up-coming fashion events, you won’t find any of that here. There are barely any articles in the magazine. You can mostly find editorial shoots, ads and a few fashion collages representing the up-coming trends. I have been buying Vogue for almost half a year now, and I can truthfully say, I got no added value from it. Yes the editorials were beautiful, but everything is so commercial and I hate that. I want real opinions about the shows, but I doubt Vogue can give you that because they have so many contracts with big brands and they advertise their products every 3 pages.

  Online Vogue is much better than the printed one, though. You can actually find great information there. My personal favorite is Vogue Runway since you can find all the looks from any designer, season or year on there. So, if you like Vogue and want to gain some information from the magazine, read the online Vogue 

  Many of the printed magazines nowadays are very commercial, but if you are like me and want to actually learn something from a printed magazine I highly recommend i-D. In i-D you can find a bunch of actual fashion news and they talk about a lot of up and coming designers. I think it’s one of the best options. You could also look for Dazed magazine. That one is pretty good as well. 

   I hope this post was useful. Have a great day,


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