Autumn faves

Autumn faves

  Since autumn has arrived, I decided to show you some of my (and what seems to be most of the fashion world’s) favorite trends. Just as a reminder, most of the pictures I post on my blog are either from Pinterest or So, let’s start:

  -Animal Print. Obviously, animal print has been around for quite some time, but this season, it’s everywhere. Everybody is wearing it and I think that is great, because it’s definitely in my top 3 autumn trends this year.

  -Sweater vests. I will be honest with you, in the beginning I thought they were heidious, but after I actually tried one on and saw some other ways of styling them I loved it. I mostly tried one on because I saw one on Clueless and since I love the movie, I tried it. I regret nothing.

-Straight-leg and flare pants. Whether it’s jeans or any other kind of pants, I think they look really stylish and put together. I actually bought a pair of flared pants from Zara and I love them so much. I totally recommend at least trying a pair on.

    -Slip dresses. I think I already talked about them before, but I have to bring them up again, because they are such a statement piece and they look so good on any type of body. I seriously need to buy one ASAP.

  -Doc Martens. These boots look good with literally any outfit. You could be wearing a fancy outfit or just a casual jeans and T-shirt outfit and the Martens would work with both of them. They are such a versatile piece and I adore them.

  -Blazers. I am obsessed with them. I have a bunch of blazers in my wardrobe and I love how they look on with everything. There isn’t a lot I can say about them, they are just perfect.

   Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you got inspired by some of these outfits. Let me know which one you like most. Have a great day,


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