Celebrities that have great style

  Hi guys, today we’re gonna talk about stylish celebrities. I am going to show you a few celebrities and their style, whether it’s street style or red carpet. Ok, let’s go:

  1. First, we have Hailey Bieber. I absolutely love her street style, I think it’s a combination of 90s and today styles. I love the way she can make any basic outfit into something super stylish. I’d also say that long winter coats are one of her statement pieces. Here are some of her outfits:

   2. Zendaya’s red carpet looks are out of this world, I wrote a whole post about her, if you want to check it out: https://delaylable.com/2020/12/08/zendaya-a-red-carpet-queen/ . Now, I wanna talk about her fashion week street style outfits. These are outfits that aren’t really casual, but they wouldn’t go on the red carpet either. Let me show you what I’m talking about:

  3. I adore Dua Lipa. Her style is superior. From her red carpet looks, to her concert looks, to her street style. Right now we are gonna talk street style, but I highly recommend searching her red carpet and concert looks online. Her street style gives me huge 90s vibes, and if you didn’t get it already, I love the 90s. Just look at these outfits:

   4. Emily Ratajkowski. I can’t say I am a huge fan of her, but I have to say I love her street style. It’s simple and casual, but something about it catches my attention. Let me show you some of her looks and you let me know what you think:

  These are just a few celebrities that I consider have great style. Who do you think I should add to this list? Leave a comment and let me know. Hope you enjoyed, have a great day,


Zendaya: a red carpet queen

Hi guys. We all know who Zendaya is and we also know she is a great actress, but did you know that her red carpet looks are absolute gold. Honestly, I haven’t seen her wear one bad look on the red carpet. I am going to talk about and rate some of her best looks.

  1. I love the dress, the way the top, which looks like a corset, but I’m not sure. I also love the color combination and the hair and make up. The only thing I don’t love is that black ribbon on the side. I don’t really understand it’s point, but I like the way they paired the black heels to match it. I’ll rate it a 9/10 just for that ribbon.

  2. This is one of her Met Gala looks. It’s absolutely stunning, it fits the theme perfectly and the detailing on it is perfect. I also love the way they did that shoulder piece. There is nothing I can comment on this look. I’ll rate it a 10/10, no doubt.

  3. I think this color fits Zendaya really well. I love the puffer sleeves and that big bow. I would change that headband with a pink headband with a pair of matching shoes. This look gives me huge Tiffany and Co vibes. It’s probably the color :)). I’ll rate it a 9.5/10, because the headband doesn’t bother me that much.

  4. I love a good deep v-neck, and it looks great on her. The dress is stunning and the shoes fit perfectly with it. There isn’t much to comment on. It’s a simple, classy look. I’ll rate it a 10/10.

  5. This dress is so beautiful, I have no words. The sleeves are gorgeous and I love the ruffles. The shoes are ok, there isn’t anything interesting about them, but I think if they had added a little gold accent, like a necklace or a pair of statement earrings, they would pull the look together better. I’ll rate it a 9.5/10.

  6, I love seeing a woman in a suit, but what I love more is the way they combined the suit with a beautiful cropped blazer. She looks great in white and I love her smile in this picture, it’s the best accessory she could ever wear. I will give it a 9/10, because I feeln like it nedds a  little pop of color, like a statement colorful earring or a colorful bag.

  7. This was an iconic appearance, that plastic like top looks like it was poured on her and the hair and make up are stunning. The skirt isn’t anything wow,  but it looks great with that top. I’ll rate it a 10/10 because there’s nothing bad I can say about it. 

   Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. If you liked it let me know, so I can make more posts like this one. Have a great day,