Haute couture: official members

  Hi guys, today I wanted to talk to you about haute couture. If you don’t know what haute couture is, I will try to explain it the best way I can. Haute couture is what we call all of the costum made, handmade and very detailed pieces. They usually take hundreds of hours for these pieces to be made. There is a very short list of all the official haute couturiers, because they have to meet a list of requirements and have to be approved by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Haute couturiers are split in 3 sections: the official members, the foreign members and the guest members. I am going to make this a 3 part series and today we are talking about the official members and I will show you some of their work. Let’s start:

  1. Adeline Andre. She worked for Dior, before starting her own brand in 1981. In 1997 she became an invited member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and an official member in 2005.

  2. Alexandre Vaulthier. He was an intern for Thierry Mugler Couture, where he later became an assistant there. In 1997 he became head designer at Jean Paul Gaultier. He did his first show with his own label in 2009 and became a guest member of CSHC(Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture) in 2011. He became an official member in 2014.

  3. Alexis Mabille. He trained at Nina Ricci and Ungaro right after finishing college. He then started working at Dior under John Galliano. Later, in 2005 he started his namesake brand. In 2008 he showed his collection at Paris Fashion Week for the first time.

  4. Bouchra Jarrar. Before starting her own brand in 2010, Jarrar worked with various designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Nicolas Ghesquiere. She was invited as a guest member by the CSHC from 2010 to 2013 when she became an official member.

  5. Chanel. Since we all know what and who Chanel is, I don’t really know what to write about her. So i’ll just show you some of their haute couture creations.

  6. Dior. This is another big brand with a lot of history, unfortunately for these big brands I couldn’t find the year they became a member of the CSHC, so for Dior and the other big brands I will just show you some pictures.

   7. Frank Sorbier. He received his title as haute couturier in 2005 after creating his own brand in 1987.

  8. Giambattista Valli. He started his brand in 2005 and became an official member of CSHC in 2011. 

  9. Givenchy was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, but I couldn’t find the year they became an official member.

   10. Jean Paul Gaultier. He started his own brand in 1982 and became an haute couturier in 1997. 

   11. Julien Fournie. He started his namesake brand in 2009 after having worked at Celine and Jean Paul Gaultier. He was invited as an official member of CSHC in 2017.

  12. Maison Margiela. The house was created by Martin Margiela in 1988 and presented haute couture for the first time in 2006.

  13. Schiaparelli. The brand was created by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1926 and was named haute couture house in 2014.

  14. Stephane Rolland. He started his brand in 2007 and became a member of CSHC in  the same year.

  Hope you enjoyed and this is somehow helpful for at least one of you. I know I learned a lot while writing this. Let me know what you would like me to talk about next in the comment section. Have a great day,


some of my favorite designers

 Hi guys, today I am going to talk about a few of my favorite designers right now. You may know some of these and it might be the first time you hear about others. Let’s go:

  1. My absolute favourite, Simon Porte Jacquemus. As you probably guessed from his name, he is the founder and designer for Jacquemus. Lately, I have been obsessed with his pieces. He started his brand 10 years ago and named it after his mother’s maiden name. He studied at ESMOD Paris and was invited to present his collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2012.  here are some of my personal faves from his runways:

  2. Peter Do is another designer I really love and respect. He designed for Celine and Derek  Lam before starting his own brand. Peter is a private person and you can’t really find any picture of him, but you can recognize him by his very unique tattoo that is a long black line from his neck to his hand. What I also really appreciate from Peter Do, except the clothes, is his genuine care for sustainability. He even created a whole new type of material that is sustainable and long lasting. Some of my favorite looks:

  3. I discovered Dion Lee recently and I fell in love with his designs and his ethics. He has a few pieces that are unisex and I really love that. Also, I have a weird obsession with corsets which he has a bunch of and are so beautiful. I don’t have a lot of information on his life and career, but I will show you some stunning looks from his collections:

  4. Iris van Herpen is such a great designer and she is so creative. Her designs are literal pieces of art. They look like a combination of sculpture, fashion and architecture. She designs Haute Couture pieces and she uses 3D printing as part of the creation process. She interned at Alexander McQueen before she decided to start her own brand in 2007. If you’ve never heard of her before, you HAVE to check out her work. It’s magical. I am going to show you some of my personal favorites:

  5. Jean Paul Gaultier is a very controversial designer, since his pieces are very unconventional but in a good way. He first started as Pierre Cardin’s assistant, and then slowly began working his way up. During his career he was creative director at Hermes, he has his own brand, he released a single and co-hosted a TV show. Unfortunately he retired in January 2020, but I will show you some of his best looks in my opinion:

      Hope you enjoyed, let me know who your favorite fashion designers are in the comment section below. Have a great day,


The Kooples

The Kooples 

This week I traveled to Spain for medical reasons, but I also got to shop and look around. Most of the shops, monuments and touristic spots were closed. While window shopping, I saw this interesting shop called ‘The Kooples’. I ended up buying this stunning dress and a belt to match. When I got to the hotel, I decided to search it up since I had never heard about it, but it had all of these really nice things that intrigued me. 

The Kooples is a high-end French accessible luxury brand, founded in 2008 by brothers Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha. In my opinion it has this rock/grunge but also girly look. It’s not very famous, I don’t really understand why, because the clothing and accessories they sell are such good quality and are absolutely stunning. I am going to add some pictures of their designs. Please do let me know what you think. 

Barbara Palvin The Kooples Fall '19 Campaign | Fashion Gone Rogue
Mode : Lacoste s'encanaille avec The Kooples


Click on the link above if you would like to see their designs.

I also decided that from now on I am going to write posts about more of these lesser known brands that I think deserve more recognition. 

Hope you have a great day, 

                                         XOXO, Delayla