Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a very well known fashion figure, sometimes considered over the top and very controversial. He worked for a few fashion houses before starting his own brand. Let’s talk a little more in depth about his personal life and career. Also, I should let you know, Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers along with a few more, which I will make sure to write an article about as well.

  He was born on the 9th of April 1963, in New Jersey. He had what you would call a rocky childhood, with his father dying and his mother starting living a life of power dating with a bunch of failed marriages after her husband died. After moving from New Jersey to Long Island and later to the Bronx, he moved in with his grandmother. They grew a really close relationship thanks to her love for aesthetically beautiful things and her encouraging and appreciative comments on his creative work. “No one ever said ‘no’ to me about anything,” he said. “No one ever told me anything was wrong. Never. No one ever said, ‘You can’t be a fashion designer.’ No one ever said, ‘You’re a boy and you can’t take tap-dancing lessons.’ No one ever said, ‘You’re a boy and you can’t have long hair.’ No one ever said, ‘You can’t go out at night because you’re 15 and 15-year-olds don’t go to nightclubs.’ No one said it was wrong to be gay or right to be straight.” 

  Even with all this freedom, at 15, he never strayed away from his studies at the High School of Design and Art. He used to work at an upscale boutique called Charivari after school where he met designer Perry Ellis who became his mentor. He was allowed to design sweaters for the shop by the boutique’s staff after finishing his tasks. This helped him secure a spot at the Parsons School of Design.

  In 1984, he designed the Sketchbook label for the clothing manufacturer Reuben Thomas, Inc. That same year, with help from the company’s executive Robert Duffy, he launched his own line, Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. Jacobs, which helped him secure enough financial backing to start his own label. He became the youngest designer to win the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent (1987)—one of the industry’s highest honours.

   In 1993 he founded his namesake fashion house and after being signed as creative director for Louis Vuitton, he got the funding he needed to open his first of the many boutiques to come. He later stepped down from Louis Vuitton, in 2013, but his brand is still as strong as ever. He recently launched a new, more accessible line, called Heaven by Marc Jacobs. I highly suggest you check it out.

  Hope you enjoyed, I know I haven’t posted in a while, I have been really busy, but I will make sure to upload as often as possible. Have a great day,

                                                                                                      XOXO, Delayla

Rei Kawakubo

  The name Rei Kawakubo might not seem familiar to a lot of people unfortunately, but Comme des Garcons might. Rei Kawakubo is the wonderful woman behind the CDG clothing brand. With this article, I want to help more people discover her as a designer, artist and person. 

  She was born on 11th of October 1942, in Tokyo Japan. She always had a rebellious nature, changing up her school uniform by bunching her socks down to her ankles. Rei graduated in 1964 from Keio University in Tokyo where she studied the arts and aesthetics. She always considered her mom as her role mother, since her mom left Rei’s father  because he wouldn’t allow her to work outside of her house. Kawakubo left home after finishing college and started working at a textile factory in the advertising department. Her superior gave her full creative freedom and started becoming involved in collecting costumes and props for photoshoots. This led her to start designing her own pieces that she could use for certain photoshoots. She left the factory 3 years later so that she could become a freelance stylist.

   Kawakubo starts selling her pieces in shops under the Comme des Garcons label in Tokyo in 1969 and opened her first shop in 1973. Within 10 years she had over 150 stores all over Japan. Rei wanted to design comfortable clothing for women ( comme des garcons). She wanted to create clothes for independent women who didn’t want to fit the stereotype of what women should wear and how they should look. By 1981 she added 3 new clothing lines (Homme, Tricot and Robe de Chambre).

   Her pieces were ill-fitting, loose, asymmetrical and the color black was never missing. People started calling her work “Anti-Fashion” and critics weren’t very fond of her and her work. She helped change fashion by defying female beauty concepts and the way people perceive things. Rei once said that beauty is what brings excitement.

    Rei is known for designing her stores in a very avant garde and creative way, using them as a creative outlet. She and her husband, Adrian Joffe, created a high fashion mecca called Dover Street Market which was inspired by now-defunct  Kensington Market, a three store bazaar where you could find subculture fashions from the 1960s until it closed in 2000. At DSM they invited international up-and-coming and already established designers so they could display and sell their work

   Along the years she added a new popular streetwear line, called Comme des Garcons PLAY, an affordable collection entitled BLACK that referenced past season bestsellers and collaborated with H&M on a collection that became very popular.

   Many designers, including Martin Margiela and Helmut Lang, have referenced Kawakubo as an inspiration for their own designs. Kawakubo is often considered to be both a fashion designer and artist. This speaks to the ways in which her designs are able to bridge the boundaries between fashion and art.

    A few of her pieces:

  Hope this was helpful and that you learned something new from this. Let me know if there is a certain designer you would want me to write about. Have a great day,


Fashion: a misconception

   Fashion is something that has been around since the beginning of everything. There have been different trends and styles and rules throughout history. I decided to write this because I feel there are so many misconceptions about fashion and what it actually means.

  When I used to tell people I really liked clothes and fashion, some of them would tell me that it’s superficial, that liking clothes means you are materialistic and that I just like spending my money on useless things. And this is used to confuse me, because to me, watching people on the street, analysing what they were wearing, how they were wearing it, it gave me an idea of who they are as a person. You can tell so much from the way someone dresses. Fashion and style are a way of expressing yourself. 

  Of course there are people that say they love fashion and what they actually mean is they love having expensive brand items so that they can flaunt it. But that doesn’t actually mean you are interested in fashion. Every piece of clothing has a story behind it, it has history. Whether it’s from a luxury brand, from your local boutique or from a thrift store. They all have a story, they were all inspired by something or someone from the past or from the future. 

  Unfortunately, many big brands started making clothes because they sell. I think that’s really sad, because yes, maybe some of the pieces I want to buy are really expensive, but I want them because I know there was thought put into creating it, there were hours of researching and working just to make that one piece of clothing.

  People don’t understand how important clothing is for example in movies. We just see the characters and the action of the movie, but the costume designer put so much work into styling that character. The outfits have to be historically correct, they have to match the character’s personality but still stick to the theme of the movie. Unfortunately, there are some costume designers that don’t put in that much effort, but in every good movie that we all love, I guarantee you, if the costumes were not well chosen, the movie wouldn’t have been as good or as successful.

  I love learning about the stories behind certain fashion shows, pieces, designers, why they are using a certain fabric, etc. And I think there need to be more sources that allow you to reach this information. I know I already talked about magazines, but I think they really influence the way society views the fashion industry. I think that instead of writing about the new upcoming trends they should talk about the process of creating a collection, about the backstory of that collection, what every piece represents, why the designer chose this theme and not something else. This way people would understand why some pieces are so expensive and why people like me love fashion. Because it’s an art but also a story. 

  That is why I started this blog, I am trying to post articles about the story behind collections, designers’ backstories, thoughts about the fashion industry, other places where you can gather information. I write these articles because I know I would love to be able to find this kind of information on the internet. I do it because I hope I can help people with the same interests as me. 

  Moral of the story is: Fashion isn’t this superficial thing everyone makes it put to be. It’s something way deeper with a lot of meaning.

  I hope this helps and motivates you to do your research on the things you love. You might be surprised at what you find. Have a great day,

XOXO, Delayla

Restyling Fate: The Winx Saga

   Hi guys, today I am going to restyle the Netflix show fate: The Winx Saga, because they did a horrible job at it. I saw a bunch of youtubers doing it and since I love Winx and I grew up watching them I decided it’s only fair I try and style them the way I think Netflix should’ve. I created an aesthetic mood board, a normal day outfit and a transformation outfit for each of them. With all that being said, let’s start. 

   1. We are going to start with Stella, because she’s my favorite.

   This is what I imagine Stella’s aesthetic would be, something between Royal and Princess core with everything golden. In my collage matches her perfectly since she is indeed a princess and all that. 

  For her everyday look I tried to replicate her outfit from the animated show. She loves mixing colors and yellow is definitely her color, So I put her in this green Prada skirt with this beautiful yellow Vivienne Westwood corset. For the accessories I paired the outfit with a yellow Jacquemus bag and L’Autre Chose platform sandals. For the transformation outfit I chose this beautiful Jacquemus dress with a chain accessory, a pair of Gianvito Rossi sandals and tulle gloves. 

   2. Next we are going to talk about Musa.

    Ok, so I feel like Musa gives off Bad B**** vibes and red is most definitely her color. I love this mood board, I feel like it describes her perfectly.

   For the everyday outfit I paired these beautiful pants with an Ottolinger shirt and this vintage Givenchy corset. For the accessories I put her in these really cool platform boots and a white Wandler bag. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the pants or the boots are from, but I just thought they fit her style really well. For the transformation outfit I chose this really pretty Tom Ford red dress, with a pair of red Miu Miu platform Mary Janes and Black lace Gucci gloves. 

  3. Now, let’s talk about Flora:

   Flora gives me massive Cottage Core vibes and these pictures really fit her personality: calm, friendly and nature-y.

  I think Flora’s colors are definitely pink and green. So, with that being said I put her in a Lollita Lempicka pink satin slip dress, with a bright grass-type green faux-fur coat, a lime green Bottega Venetta clutch bag and brown Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels. For the transformation outfit I chose this also lime green Valentino dress with a pair of baby pink Prada platform sandals and a pair of white lace gloves.

  4.   Next, we are doing Layla/Aisha, I don’t know which one it is. 

  Layla is really sporty and I think a bit grunge, so I think this is what her aesthetic would look like. A combination between grunge and skater girl.

       I feel like Layla/Aisha’s style would be a combination between street style and skater girl, so that’s what I chose for her. I am in love with her outfit, by the way. So, I chose this stunning pair of Jacquemus pants with a brown Rosie Assoulin shirt and paired it with a small Gucci camera bag and brown L’Autre Chose platform heels. For her transformation outfit I chose this beautiful John Galliano for Dior white satin dress, with white Alexander Vaulthier platform sandals and Marine Serre gloves.

  5.  I am going to do Tecna next, and I have to say I am really pissed that they didn’t even put her in the show…

  Tecna is definitely the futuristic type, with all of her technology and everything and the color purple is perfect for her.

  This was one of my favorite looks to make and I think it looks really cool:) So, I chose these white Off-White cargo pants with a cute little turtleneck crop top, I don’t know where it’s from, tho, and this stunning purple Christian Siriano coat that just screams Tecna. For the transformation outfit I chose this futuristic looking black John Richmond dress and I paired it with black L’Autre Chose platform heels and graphic tulle gloves.

   6. Lastly, I am going to do Bloom and yes, I left her last because I don’t really like her.

   I think Bloom is kinda basic and gives me huge y2k vibes. Also, in the show she basically only wears blue, so that’s exactly what I did. 

   As I was saying, I think Bloom’s style is quite basic and she just wears a lot of blue. So for her everyday outfit I chose a basic fluffy blue crop top and a pair of Jonathan Simkhai embellished light wash jeans. I paired a pair of coral Si Rossi platform heels and a coral Givenchy bag to add some color. For the transformation outfit I paired this stunning John Galliano for Dior blue dress with a pair of blue platform mules also from Si Rossi and Maison Margiela white gloves.

    Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. Let me know what other show I should try restyling in the comments down below. And if you like the animated show and haven’t watched the new one, don’t bother. It’s nothing like what it used to be. Hope you have a great day,

                                                                                                         XOXO, Delayla 

The downfall of Vogue

  Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about a topic that might be controversial, but I believe it has to be put out there. We are going to talk about Vogue and why I believe the printed version of it is not a good magazine whatsoever.

  First of all, I have nothing against Vogue, I just believe it has become way too commercial and I don’t think you get any important information out of it if you’re really into fashion. If you love editorials and would like to be a stylist or photographer, yes, Vogue might help you. But if you want to learn about fashion, like new designers or up-coming fashion events, you won’t find any of that here. There are barely any articles in the magazine. You can mostly find editorial shoots, ads and a few fashion collages representing the up-coming trends. I have been buying Vogue for almost half a year now, and I can truthfully say, I got no added value from it. Yes the editorials were beautiful, but everything is so commercial and I hate that. I want real opinions about the shows, but I doubt Vogue can give you that because they have so many contracts with big brands and they advertise their products every 3 pages.

  Online Vogue is much better than the printed one, though. You can actually find great information there. My personal favorite is Vogue Runway since you can find all the looks from any designer, season or year on there. So, if you like Vogue and want to gain some information from the magazine, read the online Vogue 

  Many of the printed magazines nowadays are very commercial, but if you are like me and want to actually learn something from a printed magazine I highly recommend i-D. In i-D you can find a bunch of actual fashion news and they talk about a lot of up and coming designers. I think it’s one of the best options. You could also look for Dazed magazine. That one is pretty good as well. 

   I hope this post was useful. Have a great day,


L’amour by Jacquemus

  Hi guys, today we are going to talk about Simone Jacquemus’ ready-to-wear s/s 2021 collection, called L’amour. I am obsessed with everything Jacquemus comes out with and I love that every show and collection has a story and a meaning behind it. This collection started taking shape during lockdown and the inspiration for it was common things around our homes. 

  The name of the collection, L’amour, expresses Simone’s love toward his team and family. The show took place outside in a wheatfield with very few guests. The designer said he wanted to make the show feel personal and also tried to keep the safety distance between the guests. 

  Jacquemus also wanted to address the 2020 conversation in the fashion community, about inclusivity, authenticity and diversity. He also decided to only present 2 collections per year, these collections being presented on an actual runway, since Simone doesn’t think the beauty of a fashion show can be captured by a camera. 

  Now, let’s talk about some of the looks from this stunning show:

  I love this look, the way Jacquemus turned something so common and basic like a pillow into this stunning two piece. It blows my mind how this man comes up with these ideas.

  The asymmetry of the blazer and the way the colors mix is a match made in heaven. Also, the materials Simone uses in this collection have this delicate and simple yet sophisticated feel that I adore. Let’s not forget about the plate bag that, even though it might not be practical on a day to day basis, it just fits the theme and the vibe of the show perfectly.

  I am living for these high waisted pants and the way they tie around the waist just under the shirt that matches the pants perfectly in a way I would have never thought of. Also, the Chiquito earrings are my favorite accessory from this collection along with the door knob bracelet.

  These are just a few of my personal favorite looks from the show, which I highly recommend you look at. You can find it on Vogue Runway along with comments and everything. Hope you enjoyed. let me know if you want me to talk about a certain collection in the comments below. Have a great day,

                                                                                           XOXO, Delayla

The Creative Directors of the Big Fashion Brands

I wanted to share this list because I know I searched for this information all over the internet, so I did my research and copile all of the information into one place, so that if you ever need this information you know where to find it. I think this can be really helpful for people who want to learn more about the fashion industry. Here you go:

                                        Creative Directors

A/X Armani Exchange – Patrick Robinson

Acne Studios – Jonny Johansson

Alexander McQueen – Sarah Burton

Alice & Olivia – Stacey Bendet

Alexander Wang – Alexander Wang

Aquazzura – Edgardo Osorio

Balenciaga – Demna Gvasalia

Balmain – Olivier Rousteing 

Bottega Veneta – Daniel Lee

Burberry – Riccardo Tisci

Bvlgari – Lucia Silvestri

Chloe – Gabriela Hearst

Chanel – Virginie Viard

Celine – Hedi Slimane

Christian Lacroix – Sacha Walckhoff

Christian Louboutin – Christian Louboutin

Cartier – Marie-Laure Cerede

Carolina Herrera – Wes Gordon

Coach – Stuart Vevers

Cult Gaia – Jasmin Larian

Comme des Garcons – Rei Kawakubo

Dion Lee –  Dion Lee

Dior – Maria Grazia Chiuri

Dolce and Gabbana – Domenico Dolce

Dries Van Noten – Dries Van Noten

Dsquared2 – Dean and Dan Caten

Fendi – Kim Jones

Giambattista Valli – Giambattista Valli

Gianvito Rossi – Gianvito Rossi

Giuseppe Zanotti – Giuseppe Zanotti

Givenchy – Matthew Williams

Golden Goose – Alessandro Gallo

Gucci – Alessandro Michele

Guess – Paul Marciano

Hermes – Pierre Alexis Dumas

Isabel Marant – Isabel Marant

J W Anderson – Jonathan Anderson

Jacquemus – Simon Porte Jacquemus

Jil Sander – Lucie Meier

Jimmy Choo – Sandra Choi

Just Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli

Karl Lagerfeld – Virginie Viard

Kate Spade – Nicola Glass

Kenzo – Felipe Oliveira Baptista 

Lanvin – Bruno Sialelli

Louis Vuitton – Nicolas Ghesquiere

Loewe – Jonathan Anderson

Lacoste – Louise Trotter

Levi’s – Renee Perdomo

Moschino – Jeremy Scott

Mulberry – Johnny Coca

Maison Margiela – John Galliano 

Miu Miu – Miuccia Prada

Mugler – Casey Cadwallader

Marni – Francesco Risso

Max Mara – Ian Griffiths

Michael Kors – Marcel Ostwald

Marc Jacobs – John Targon

Manolo Blahnik – Manolo Blahnik

Nina Ricci – Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herenbrugh

Off White – Virgil Abloh

Oscar de la Renta – Fernando Garcia

Prada – Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli

Paco Rabanne – Julien Dossena 

Palm Angels – Francesco Ragazzi

Paul Smith – Simon Homes

Philipp Plein – Roberto Magnani

Pinko – Caterina Negra

Ralph Lauren – Kevin Carrigan

Raf Simons – Raf Simons

Rebecca Minkoff – Rebecca Minkoff

Red Valentino – Piccioli

Rick Owens – Rick Owens

Saint Laurent – Anthony Vaccarello

Schiaparelli – Daniel Roseberry

Salvatore Ferragamo – Paul Andrew 

Stella McCartney – Stella McCartney 

Stuart Weitzman – Giovanni Morelli

Steve Madden – Matthew Ellenberger

Tom Ford – Thomas Ford

Tommy Hilfiger – Trent Wisehart

Ted Baker – Anthony Cuthbertson

Tory Burch – Tory Robinson

Valentino – Pierpaolo Piccioli

Vetements – Demna Gvasalia

Versace – Donatella Versace

Vivienne Westwood – Andreas Kronthaler

Zimmermann – Nicky Zimmermann

Zac Posen – Zac Posen

Zadig and Voltaire – Cecilia Bonstrom

I hope that this was helpful and that you enjoyed, because I know this is really helpful for me. Let me know what you would like to see next by leaving a comment. Have a great day,


Harris Reed’s new demi-couture collection

  Most people now think of Harris Reed as the person who dressed Harry Styles in a dress. But recently he came out with a beautiful demi-couture collection. The collection consists of 7 looks that break all misconceptions about how men can and should dress. 

  I love the fact that Reed stayed true to himself and used all the hate people threw at  him to create these looks. Reed told Vogue: “Having people maybe have an issue with the way that I express myself, you know, it constantly fuels my creative think tank”.

And, of course I love the outfits. The ombre tulle is stunning and the way he paired the tulle with a two piece suit is genius. Also, the headpieces are out of this world. I have to say I am really impressed with this collection. He did everything right. The photographs are on point, the styling as well and the actual clothes are awesome. If you didn’t see the looks yet I will put them below so you can see what I am talking about. Let me know what you think about this collection.

   Have a great day, XOXO,Delayla

Haute couture: official members

  Hi guys, today I wanted to talk to you about haute couture. If you don’t know what haute couture is, I will try to explain it the best way I can. Haute couture is what we call all of the costum made, handmade and very detailed pieces. They usually take hundreds of hours for these pieces to be made. There is a very short list of all the official haute couturiers, because they have to meet a list of requirements and have to be approved by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Haute couturiers are split in 3 sections: the official members, the foreign members and the guest members. I am going to make this a 3 part series and today we are talking about the official members and I will show you some of their work. Let’s start:

  1. Adeline Andre. She worked for Dior, before starting her own brand in 1981. In 1997 she became an invited member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and an official member in 2005.

  2. Alexandre Vaulthier. He was an intern for Thierry Mugler Couture, where he later became an assistant there. In 1997 he became head designer at Jean Paul Gaultier. He did his first show with his own label in 2009 and became a guest member of CSHC(Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture) in 2011. He became an official member in 2014.

  3. Alexis Mabille. He trained at Nina Ricci and Ungaro right after finishing college. He then started working at Dior under John Galliano. Later, in 2005 he started his namesake brand. In 2008 he showed his collection at Paris Fashion Week for the first time.

  4. Bouchra Jarrar. Before starting her own brand in 2010, Jarrar worked with various designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Nicolas Ghesquiere. She was invited as a guest member by the CSHC from 2010 to 2013 when she became an official member.

  5. Chanel. Since we all know what and who Chanel is, I don’t really know what to write about her. So i’ll just show you some of their haute couture creations.

  6. Dior. This is another big brand with a lot of history, unfortunately for these big brands I couldn’t find the year they became a member of the CSHC, so for Dior and the other big brands I will just show you some pictures.

   7. Frank Sorbier. He received his title as haute couturier in 2005 after creating his own brand in 1987.

  8. Giambattista Valli. He started his brand in 2005 and became an official member of CSHC in 2011. 

  9. Givenchy was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, but I couldn’t find the year they became an official member.

   10. Jean Paul Gaultier. He started his own brand in 1982 and became an haute couturier in 1997. 

   11. Julien Fournie. He started his namesake brand in 2009 after having worked at Celine and Jean Paul Gaultier. He was invited as an official member of CSHC in 2017.

  12. Maison Margiela. The house was created by Martin Margiela in 1988 and presented haute couture for the first time in 2006.

  13. Schiaparelli. The brand was created by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1926 and was named haute couture house in 2014.

  14. Stephane Rolland. He started his brand in 2007 and became a member of CSHC in  the same year.

  Hope you enjoyed and this is somehow helpful for at least one of you. I know I learned a lot while writing this. Let me know what you would like me to talk about next in the comment section. Have a great day,


Bliss Foster interview

 Hi guys, I have another interview for you. Today I talked to Bliss Foster, a great fashion youtuber. I watch his videos daily, and that is where I get most of my information about the fashion industry and fashion in general. If you have never watched one of his videos, You have to check him out. Here are the links to his instagram and youtube:

1. How did you know fashion was what you wanted to do?

Since about 2013, fashion has been a massive interest for me. Figuring out that I wanted to do the channel was a huge relief because it gave me an outlet to use my obsession in a productive way.

2. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Lack of money.

3. What inspired  you to create your YouTube channel?

I’ve been obsessed with clothes since 2012 and I needed an outlet to do something productive with that obsession. The channel gave me that outlet.

4. Who is your favorite designer of all time?

I always say that my favorite designer is a 43-way tie. But if I had to pick someone it would probably be Martin Margiela

5. Who is one designer you think will blow up this year?

I put out a video where I discussed the designers I want to see make it in 2021, the list includes Blackmerle, Doublet, Mowalola, Strongthe, (the return of) HbA, Lourdes, Peter Do, Robert Wun, Jordan Arthur Smith, Ottolinger, Charlotte Knowles, Botter, and Kanghyuk.

6. Where do you see the fashion industry in 10 years?

Haha, I’m no good at making predictions.

7. What would you say is your signature piece, clothing or accessory wise?

I try not to have one. If i can, I want to just keep exploring and developing my personal style

8. What would you say to someone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

Read the book “The War of Art” by Stephan Pressfield. It’ll kick your ass and make you better at whatever you do.

9. Could you recommend a few fashion books for beginners?

“Gods and Kings” and “Ametura” if you’re into Japanese designers. Those two are my favorites.

10. How do  you think fashion influences society?

I think fashion is part of society

11. What is your favorite trend of 2020?

Haha, I hate to be difficult on this one, but I can’t stand trends. I purposefully ignore them when I can.

  Hope you enjoyed, this was really fun to make. Let me know who your favorite fashion youtuber is in the comment section. Have a great day,

                                                                                                                                    XOXO, Delayla