Hair dye

I was wondering if any of you guys know any hair dye tips. I am planning on dyeing my hair, but I don’t know what colour. My hair is a light brown and I really don’t know what colour would look good on me.

If you have any suggestions please comment down below. Thank you sooo much.


Ways to learn a language faster

I speak 4 languages fluently, and I know sometimes it’s hard to learn a new language. So here are some tips:

  1. Try and surround yourself with people that speak that language.
  2. When you watch a movie and you can add subtitles, choose the subtitles in the language you are trying to learn.
  3. Listen to music in that language.
  4. Reading is probably the hardest, but if you already know more or less the language, reading could really help you with vocabulary and expressions.
  5. Find someone to talk to that can also correct you if you pronounced something wrong.

If you know any other tips leave them in the comment section and don’t forget to leave a like.


Travel essentials

Since I do travel a lot, I thought I could give you some tips and tricks for a more comfortable experience/travel. You might already know some of these, but maybe some might actually help you.

  1. The first thing that I find is one of the most important, is having your phone fully charged AND having an external battery.
  2. Next, of course you need your passport, plane ticket and other documents you might need to leave the county.
  3. You should always have something warm, like a warm jacket or a blanket, because normally it is pretty cold inside the plane.
  4. Ways have snaks with you. The food in airports and airplanes is very expensive.
  5. Have a little pouch where you put your passport and documents so that you can carry it in your bag. It’s very helpful because you don’t have to spend 1,000 years looking for your passport or plane ticket.
  6. Also always have a book or notebook so that you can kill some time.
  7. If you are travelling with a friend or family, bring some cards so that you can play together.
  8. I almost forgot, ALWAYS have ear buds or headphones with you. I wouldn’t have survived any of my flights without my trust worthy headphones.

Hope these help, of they did, leave a like. Do you have any other tips?

The slow disappearance of the fashion high streets

I was scrolling through some posts about fashion, and I found this one post about the death of the high street of fashion. And that got me thinking how most people prefer purchasing their clothes, bags, shoes,etc… online.

In my opinion nothing compares to entering a beautiful shop or boutique and looking around until you find something you like so much you have to buy it. I think one of my best experiences is when I earned some money on own and decided to go buy something. It may not be luxury, but I will always remember that feeling of entering the shop and search for something that catches my eye. And I found that one thing.

When I exited the shop with my purchase, I felt so ecstatic. I doubt that online shopping gives you that same feeling. Of course I also do online shopping, but I’m always anxious after I order something: “will the shoes fit me?” Or “what if it doesn’t look like the picture?” And so much more questions are passing through my head that I just can’t enjoy the actual shopping.

What do you think? Do you prefer online or boutique shopping?


My “obsessions”

What do I mean by obsessions…I don’t mean it as something bad, just like things that I love or like so much it is almost like an obsession. For example:

  • I love shoes and bags, like, a lot. Especially the luxury/designer ones even if I don’t own a lot of designer shoes and bags.
  • I love fashion and style. I find it such an interesting and versatile topic. Each one of us can have a different style of taste in fashion, but just the love for it could bring us closer.
  • I also love watching series on Netflix in my bed with some popcorn… I could do that all the time, and if I have company even better.
  • I love reading, but only books that I find interesting or books that catch my eye. I hate reading something because someone told me so.
  • I love playing with my pets,it is so relaxing and fun.

Do you have any “obsessions”? If you do, leave a comment and let me know what they are. Hope you have a terrific day.

XOXO, Delayla

Adopt don’t shop

Hi guys, today I want to talk about something that I think is very important. Also this is strictly my opinion, I am not trying to insult anyone, I just think this is something that people don’t talk about enough.

So I have three dogs and three cats. Each one of them has a different story. I absolutley love animals, they are like the best thing in the world. What I wanted to talk about is how a lot of people prefer to buy/shop for their pets, instead of adopting them. There are so many pets in animal shelter that need a home. And the saddest part is thet after a certain amount of time they get put down. I really hate to think about that. It’s just so sad, and I swear if I could I would adopt all of the animals in shelters.

Now let’s talk about the life of pure breed cats and dogs. They are literally forced to make puppies so that the owners can sell them. I find that cruel, but I do understand that some people make a living out of this.

Thank you for reading this, leave your opinion in the comments and leave a like if agree with this.

XOXO, Delayla

Things to do when you are bored

Lately I’ve had a lot of free time and a lot of free time means that sometimes I get bored, so I thought that maybe some people can use some activities.

  • Read a book It’s always better than just sitting on your phone
  • Go on a walk It helps to clear your mind and exercise
  • Go out with friends I always love hanging out with my friends, it puts me in a good mood and I am most definitely never bored with them
  • Try a new hairstyle usually I search for new hairstyles on youtube and just try them until I find one that I like.
  • Listen to some music It makes time pass faster, and it always lifts me up

If you have any other ideas, you can leave a comment and let me know.

XOXO Delayla